Monday, February 5, 2007

Nasty Scribbles: Prologue

After hearing me bitch how I never practice drawing for several years, a friend suggested I do something about it. As a New Year's resolution, I bought myself an inexpensive datebook at Barnes and Noble. I purposefully bought a cheap datebook for two reasons: 1) so I wouldn't treat the paper as being precious and that I wouldn't feel like I was wasting paper, and 2) the drawings are already dated so I could monitor my progress. I promised myself I would draw one sketch a day using pencil and pen. I normally work with blue non-reproducing pencil and ink it in with Pilot Precise V5 or V7 pens. These sketches are the result.

They aren't great works of art. But the purpose of this whole affair is to get me into the habit of drawing on a daily basis. So forgive my simple little doodles.

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