Tuesday, January 29, 2008

15 February 2007 - Valentines Card #2

This was a design I drew for the inside of a Valentine's card I sent to a old girlfriend. The characters are Krazy Kat and Ignatz by George Herriman. It shows Ignatz throwing a brick at Krazy, a common occurance in the comic strip. I did it rather quick, so it isn't as good quality as I would've liked.

Sketch 021507

14 February 2007 - Valentines Card #1

This was a design I drew for a Valentine's card I sent to a old girlfriend. The characters are Krazy Kat and Ignatz by George Herriman. I had to do a couple studies to get the poses right, as I couldn't find model in all the Krazy Kat books I have.

Sketch 021407

13 February 2007 - Yuri Couple # 5

Another my images of yuri couples. I'm not totally happy with this picture. The girl on the left came out alright. I had a lot of trouble with the girl on the right. I don't know if I was tired or not in the right frame of mind, but I never got her features right. The original was a typical cute anime girl. My drawing of her makes her look androgenous.

Sketch 021307

12 February 2007 - Yuri Couple #4

Another in my series of yuri imaages. Kind of messed up the chin of the girl in front.

Sketch 021207

11 February 2007 - Surgery for Gastric Dilatation/Volvulus

Second day at the veterinary medical conference. These are some of the steps performed in a belt loop gastroplexy for the treatment or prevention of gastric dilatation/volvulus.

Basically you create a tunnel in the musculature of the abdominal wall, Then you create a flap from the submucosa of the stomach. You draw the flap through the tunnel and suture the flap back to the stomach and this tacks the stomach in place so that it won't rotate.

Sketch 021107

10 February 2007 - Internal Organs

Went to Little Rock for a Continuing Education Seminar in Veterinary Medicine. Drew this picture of the gastrointestinal tract for this event

Sketch 021007

Friday, January 11, 2008

9 February 2007 - Yuri Couple #3

Not really yuri, but still fun. Here one girl in a bikini glomps onto another very suprised girl.

Sketch 020907

8 February 2007 - Yuri Couple #2

A schoolgirl romance.

Sketch 020807

This drawing, I feel, is less than successful. The original drawing had three girls; I successfully removed the third girl. However I had a lot of trouble with the girl on the left. In the original she is shy and demure; here she looks "deer in the headlights" stunned. Second, I made her face too long. Kinda looks like the girl on the right is tugging on her lower jaw. On the plus side the hand came out relatively well, in spite of my lack of practice drawing them.

7 February 2007 - Yuri Couple #1

Since it is nearly Valentine's Day, I want to do a couple of sketches of romantic couples. So I went through my extensive files of anime, manga, and fanart to look for couples hugging, kissing, etc. I discovered that most of the romantic images I had collected involved two girls. Rather than look for different images I started the week of yuri couples.

Sketch 020707

6 February 2007 - Fisk and Lucy Black

With Valentine's Day approaching, I decided to draw some romantic pictures. The first one was of Lucy Black stealing a kiss from her brother Fisk. To find out why she is kissing her brother, you'll need to check out the webcomic "Better Days" by Jay Naylor

Sketch 020607

5 February 2007 - A Placekeeping Image

A quick little drawing I made as a placekeeper in case there are days I miss drawing an entry in the datebook. The image features my original character "Annie Mae".

Sketch 020507

4 February 2007 - Seras Victoria

A drawing of Selas Victoria that I copied from the first volume from the Hellsing manga.

Sketch 020407

I am relatively happy with the image. I not used to drawing clothing so all the folds on her uniform get a little busy. However the ragged drawing style seems to fit her character.

3 February 2007 - To Be Announced

Sketch 020507

2 February 2007 - Cute Topless Girl

I forgot to bring my art supplies for the figure drawing group and the streets are still a little slick from snow and freezing rain so I went home for the night. So in lieu of figure drawing I did a simple drawing of a cute girl with really big.... um... eyes.

Sketch 020207

This drawing became fairly popular rather quickly, thus illustrating to me the attracting power of breasts.