Tuesday, February 6, 2007

6 January 2007 - Furry T-shirt 1

Sometime, while I was away, one of the cats decided to climb up to the top shelf of the closet. He must have tried to jump up on the shoulders of the shirts and then try to jump up on the shelf. However, with the extra weight, the bracket holding the clothes rod broke because: a) it is made of cheap crappy plastic, and b) the rods were overloaded with clothes. So I came back to a pile of shirts on the floor which the cats made into a bed. I had to wash all the cat hair covered clothes, replace the bracket with a metal one, and put up the closet rod.

Over half my wardrobe is t-shirts. Today’s sketch is of one of the designs on one of my many black t-shirts.

Sketch 010607

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